Using A Sauna Suit For Weight Loss - Does it really work?

A sauna suit is commonly referred to as a sauna exercise suit or workout suit and is usually made of rubberized vinyl, nylon or plastic.

Some athletes like boxers and wrestlers use these sweat suits to lose weight quickly when there's a weigh in approaching.

So how do these sweat suits work?

Wearing one traps heat inside. You'll sweat a lot because of your body's increased attempt to stay cool. This is what the suit is made to do.

(Some of the popular brands are Bally, Valeo, and Everlast sauna suits)

There is potential danger, and I'll talk about that in a moment, but first…

Do these "sauna" suits really help you lose weight?

Sellers advertise these vinyl, nylon, and plastic suits as products that can help you lose weight faster.

The truth is these suits are quick weight loss aids because they cause you to lose lots of water.

It's possible to drop lots of weight in a very short period of time.

The thing is you're not losing what you actually want to lose, which is body fat.

You lose weight by sweating out water and electrolytes, but most or all of the weight will come back when you drink water and replace what was lost.

It's like letting the air out of a balloon and blowing it back up again.

These so called sauna suits are not permanent weight loss solutions.

If you want to temporarily lose weight or look slimmer for an upcoming event you may be ok with this.

If that's the case you can check out a variety of sauna suits.

If lasting weight loss is what you want, one of the best programs you can use for safe, effective, and permanent fat loss is the Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Program.

It will give you the know how without taking supplements, crash dieting or... wearing sweat suits.

Read my review of Burn The Fat.


As I mentioned a minute ago, these sweat suits act as a heat trap. Your body has a very hard time cooling itself while wearing one, and your core temperature can rise to potentially dangerous levels if you exercise while wearing one of these suits.

Extreme core temperature elevation can lead to heat stroke!

Dehydration is also possible because you will lose fluids very quickly.

My recommendation is to avoid them.

If you insist on trying one, be safe! Drink plenty of water before, during, and after you exercise. Monitor your body for any signs of danger.

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